SFS-2856D S波段基准信源系统 S Band RF Generator


 S Band RF Generator    20

主要工作频率  2856GHz

Main operating frequency: 2856GHz

  • 适用于S波段直线加速器微波基准信号源
    S band linear accelerator microwave reference signal source
  • 抖动≤40fs
    Jitter acuities were 40 fs
  • 标准19英寸2U机箱
    Jitter acuities were 40 fs
  • 供电电压 AC 220V
    Supply voltage AC 220V


"型号Part Number"工作频率F1(GHz)工作频率F2(GHz)输出功率Pout(dBm)杂波Spurious (dB)谐波Harmonics(dB)时间抖动Jitter(fs)10Hz-10MHz稳定度Aging
说明 Notes
The above indicators are typical values, and some parameters of this series of products can be customized


相位噪声参数Phase noise parameter

18 19








  • 基准信源可定制多频点,各频点相位锁定
    The reference source can be customized with multiple frequency points and each frequency point phase locked
  • 高稳定性
    High stability
  • 优于宽频带信号源仪器的相位噪声特性与性价比
    Better than broadband signal source instrument phase noise characteristics and cost performance
  • 可定制多通道输出
    Customizable multichannel output

说明 Notes


This product is custom-designed. Please contact the manufacturer for details