C波段激励源系统 C Band RF driver system



C Band RF driver system   

工作频率  3.7 GHz

Operating frequency: 3.7 GHz

  • 适用于托卡马克等离子体装置
    Suitable for tokamak plasma device
  • 连续波输出输出功率10W×8通道
    Continuous wave output power 10W x 8 channels
  • 各通道相位360°可调
    Each channel phase 360 ° is adjustable
  • 标准19英寸机箱
    Standard 19-inch case




3.7GHz microwave excitation source consists of frequency source unit, field controller unit, power divider unit and power amplifier unit

The unit is composed of 19 “2U chassis, connected by high frequency microwave cable and ST optical fiber.


远程开关响应曲线 Remote switching response curve


频谱曲线 Spectrum curve






  • 采用内部高精度基准源,输出频率精度优于5×10-8
    Using internal high precision reference source, the output frequency precision is better than 5 x 10-8
  • 输出频率具有高稳定性
    The output frequency is highly stable
  • 低相噪低杂散的输出信号
    Low phase noise low stray output signal
  • 输出功率最大可达连续波10W
    The maximum output power can reach 10W continuous wave
  • 宽线性区工作,可配合功率控制系统实现实时功率控制
    Wide linear zone can be used to realize real – time power control with power control system
  • 可在连续波模式工作,亦可通过外部触发信号在脉冲模式工作
    It can work in continuous wave mode, or it can work in pulse mode through external trigger signal
  • 输出功率具有高稳定性
    The output power is highly stable
  • 每路信号具备独立的数字式移相功能,可在0~360°调节,调节步长8°
    Every road signals have independent digital phase-shifting function, can be adjusted in 0 ~ 360 °, adjust step 8 ° 64
  • 64以太网通信远程控制功能
    Ethernet communication remote control function
  • 远程关断功能
    Remote shutdown function
  • 远程相位控制功能
    Remote phase control function
  • 现场功率控制功能
    Field power control function
  • 远程功率控制功能
    Remote power control function
  • 远程功率检测功能
    Remote power detection function
  • 远程工作状态监测功能
    Remote working status monitoring function

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